Spell Defense

Spell Words. Cast Spells.

Spell Defense

Do you know what peaceful word-finding games have been missing? Epic wizard battles between the forces of good and not-so-good! Take on waves of goblins, trolls, and other nasty beasts as you cast spells and save the realm from utter destruction.

Spell Defense is part word puzzle, part tower defense. In the game, you need to find words among the scattered letters of your magic scroll. The more you find, the more mana you’ll generate to cast spells as the battle rages on. Jump between word search and battle modes in real-time to be victorious. With over 30 levels, multiple difficulties, and a whole slew of challenges for you to conquer, you’ll find countless hours of entertainment at your fingertips.

Oh yeah… the entire game is 100% FREE! Yep, play every level as many times as you like with no timers, hearts, or in-game currency to slow you down. You unlock new spells and characters by simply playing the game and advancing through the story. There are some just-for-fun spells that you can purchase from the in-game merchant if you want to take the whackiness of the game to the next level, but the core game is yours for free.

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