7 sevens

It depends on the tile.  The number on the tile determines how many adjacent tiles you need before they explode.  Match two 2s to make them explode.  Three 3s will explode.  Four 4s, five 5s, six 6s and 7 sevens.

Watch ‘How to Play’ from the main menu or pause menu in the game to see a detailed video.

Make a match in any adjacent space next to the grey block and it will be destroyed along with your match.

It starts out easy.  Each ’1′ tile you destroy is worth 7 points.  After that there’s a lot of pulling levers and magic dusting that goes on.  All I know is that the more tiles in a match, the higher the score.  7 sevens is more valuable than 2 twos.  To that end 13 sevens is worth significantly more than 7 sevens.

Three more ways to score big:

Combos – creating combos increases your score by that multiple.
Finish rounds – Every time you complete a round you get bonus points.
Bonus bars – Fill up your bonus bars by creating matches and get even more points.

Each time you make a match the correct number bar begins to fill up.  Match up 7 of any type and that bar will fill up and grant you a bonus.  7 1′s get you 7,000 points while 7 7′s gets you 49,000 points.  Keep on matching and keep getting huge jumps in score!

Super Quiz

Create a cluster adjacent to a rock to remove it. Tip: Use a hammer power-up to smash a rock.

To get rid of ice you need to tap it and answer the question correctly. If it’s cracked ice, one question will clear the ice, but if it’s solid ice you’ll need to answer two questions correctly. Categories inside of ice are unaffected by the Category Swap power up, but the Category Bomb will clear the ice!

Please let us know about it by contacting us here. We are constantly updating our question list to include removing incorrect or confusing questions.

A cluster is a group of adjacent correct answers on the board. Mix and match categories all you want!

A Super Cluster is a cluster with all matching categories.

You earn coins every time you answer a question correctly. You have an opportunity to earn up to 3 coins depending upon how quickly you answer. You can also earn coins by maneuvering the large coins that appear on the game board to the bottom row of the board. Each large coin you collect on the board is worth 5 coins.

You get 1 star for completing the level’s objectives and can earn up to 2 more stars on each level by getting higher scores. Earning stars opens up new worlds and even more levels.


To score you need to create a cluster of correct answers. Each correct answer nabs you 250 points. Have matching categories in a cluster and for each match you get an additional 250 points each matching tile. In a 5 cluster, 4 science tiles and 1 geography tile would break down like this:

250 points for the geography tile
250 points for the first science tile
500 points for the second science tile
750 points for the third science tile
1,000 points for the fourth science tile
Total: 2,750 points

One final note on scoring. If you have all matching tiles in your cluster this is called a Super Cluster. This scores double. So if that geography tile above was a science tile scoring would be the same except:
1,250 points for the fifth science tile for a total of 3,750 points and then DOUBLE it for being a super cluster for a total of 7,500 points!

Different Worlds have different rules. Currently The Forest and The North Pole connect 3 to make a cluster while The Canyon you have to connect 4 adjacent tiles to make a cluster. As we release new levels we’ll play with this to create exciting new challenges for our users.

First, make sure your power-ups are stocked. Then just tap the power up to use. See what do power ups do for more.

Orange power-ups affect the game board, while purple power-ups help you answer questions.

Category Swap – Change the category of any tile on the board to another category.
Hammer – Break any tile or obstacle on the board.
Category Bomb – Remove all of one type of category on the board.
Freeze Time – Stop the timer for a short period of time.
50/50 – Eliminate 2 wrong answers.
Pass – Get a new question in the same category.


You collect presents and coins by moving them to the bottom row of the game board.