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7 sevens FREE

7 sevens FREE

For those of you out there (like some of my best friends) that refuse to pay for an app, we’re happy to provide you with 7 sevens FREE. For free you get the new Time Attack mode in which you have 7 minutes to experience the awesomeness that is 7 sevens. We’ve thrown in “time blocks” which add time back to your clock as you break them. The highest I’ve accumulated is an additional 2 minutes and 39 seconds, but I’m really shooting for the 10 minute mark.

For those of you that haven’t seen or played 7 sevens yet, visit our photo gallery and check it out, or just hop over to the app store and download it now.


Since our first blog post we haven’t really talked much about the company, we’ve been working on 7 sevens and getting these two great versions out into the world after all, but I’m finishing up a piece entitled ‘Why Make 7 sevens: Grumble Games Gamble on Changing Games’ and we have an advertising test with the launch of 7 sevens FREE that we’ll be posting about.  Stay tuned fine folks.

As always, leave us any feedback here.

7 sevens 1.1 released!

Today I’m happy to announce the latest update to the best number matching puzzler using colored blocks in a 7×7 grid with a smiley face icon and a groundhog. That’s right. Welcome to 7 sevens 1.1!


Never being satisfied with just one good thing, we had the audacity to create three more good things. Starting a new game will present you with the choice of four exciting game modes.

  1. The original “Classic” mode. Now with a smile.
  2. The devilishly unforgiving “Hardcore” mode.
  3. Race against the clock in “Time Attack” mode.
  4. Relive the 90′s in “Groundhog Day”. My personal favorite.
  5. Relive the 90′s in “Groundhog Day”. My personal favorite.

But wait! There’s more! If you act now — or later, I suppose — we’ll throw in a fantastic score booster! Breaking those annoying little gray tiles will add some color to the brand new Booster Bar. Every time it fills, you’ll get more points for each cluster you create.

We even threw in an extra helping of style with new animations, a cleaner game screen, and a bonus party if you’re clever enough to clear the entire board.

Don’t delay! Pounce now!

7 Sevens launch

We’re very proud to announce the release of 7 Sevens our second game.

It’s a tile-matching puzzle game based around the simple concept of grouping like-numbered tiles together to clear them from the board. Unlike traditional match puzzlers the number of tiles you need to clear a group isn’t set, but is determined by the number on the tile. Line 2 twos up and they explode from the board, but to clear sevens it takes 7 adjacent seven tiles.  Check out our gallery of images to see what I mean.

We’re trying a different model with this game and charging straight up for it.  With Super Quiz we did freemium and we got to see how that worked.  We’ll share our learnings from both experiments on this blog in the coming weeks as we start to see data.  I’ll be posting on Twitter and Facebook as well so if you follow us you’ll see.

One last thing.  We really appreciate all the support we have been getting from the community.  So we wanted to take a moment to say thank you.