How does scoring work?

To score you need to create a cluster of correct answers. Each correct answer nabs you 250 points. Have matching categories in a cluster and for each match you get an additional 250 points each matching tile. In a 5 cluster, 4 science tiles and 1 geography tile would break down like this:

250 points for the geography tile
250 points for the first science tile
500 points for the second science tile
750 points for the third science tile
1,000 points for the fourth science tile
Total: 2,750 points

One final note on scoring. If you have all matching tiles in your cluster this is called a Super Cluster. This scores double. So if that geography tile above was a science tile scoring would be the same except:
1,250 points for the fifth science tile for a total of 3,750 points and then DOUBLE it for being a super cluster for a total of 7,500 points!

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