First post

Hi.  We’re Grumble Games.  We’re an indie game development studio out of Baltimore, MD.  Right now we’re two guys and we’re focused on mobile iOS.

This blog is important to us.  It’s where we can share the lessons we’re learning with you and it’s where you can share your lessons with us.  We’ve been at this full-time for about 5 months now and we’ve learned a lot and we’re taking a moment to step back and write some of it here.

We’ve made two games and we’re proud of them, check them out here.  Let us know what you think.  Now it’s time to focus on the business.  How do we grow a following?  How do we establish relationships with our users?  How do we get a feedback loop in place that can both be quick and effective?  We’re learning all that too, and we’ll share what we learn here.

Beyond that we’ll be posting progress on our next game and really pushing to get feedback during the development cycle from our users and other indie devs working through the same roller coaster of successes and hardships we are facing.

We want to be more than just a game maker, we want to be a game changer, and this is where we start.

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