7 sevens 1.1 released!

Today I’m happy to announce the latest update to the best number matching puzzler using colored blocks in a 7×7 grid with a smiley face icon and a groundhog. That’s right. Welcome to 7 sevens 1.1!


Never being satisfied with just one good thing, we had the audacity to create three more good things. Starting a new game will present you with the choice of four exciting game modes.

  1. The original “Classic” mode. Now with a smile.
  2. The devilishly unforgiving “Hardcore” mode.
  3. Race against the clock in “Time Attack” mode.
  4. Relive the 90′s in “Groundhog Day”. My personal favorite.
  5. Relive the 90′s in “Groundhog Day”. My personal favorite.

But wait! There’s more! If you act now — or later, I suppose — we’ll throw in a fantastic score booster! Breaking those annoying little gray tiles will add some color to the brand new Booster Bar. Every time it fills, you’ll get more points for each cluster you create.

We even threw in an extra helping of style with new animations, a cleaner game screen, and a bonus party if you’re clever enough to clear the entire board.

Don’t delay! Pounce now!

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